Aryell is currently offering additional services for artists that are looking for specific options to help boost their careers.

In life we invest in ourselves every day. We buy clothes to look good, cars for fun and flash, accessories to make ourselves feel good, etc. A music career is no different. It is important to understand that an artist's career is like running a small business and needs investment to survive. Aryell has created different priced packages that can be tailored to an artist's specific needs. Take advantage of these affordable promotions that can launch your career in the right direction.

Industry Feedback

Submit your song, bio, picture, video and/or EPK to Aryell. We in turn send your package to major industry professionals. We will guarantee that you will receive professional feedback and where the industry sees you currently and where you need to be.

30 Day Consulting

This is by far our most attractive package we have to offer. You will received 30 days of consulting from our Aryell president and staff. The consulting includes everything from music planning to creating a budget and marketing plan. You can't miss.

Music Production

Aryell has an extended family of talented industry and upcoming producers. If you want your music to shine and rise above the rest, then don't hesitate to contact us now so you can have your music done right the first time around. First impressions are everything

Aryell also offers A la Carte services for an artist that may need individual services they can't find without a contract. 
  • Image Consulting
  • Online Media Site Consulting
  • Coordinating With Production Team
  • Photo Selections
  • Assisting with Bio
  • EPK/Press Kit
  • Live Performance Coaching
  • Career Planning
  • Label/Publisher Shopping/Exposure
  • Coordinating Production
  • Assisting With Artist Development Team
  • Assisting To Secure Booking Team
  • Overall Career Direction
  • Financial/Budget Planning
  • Representing Artists In All Negotiations
  • Marketing/Advertising Plan
  • Contract Negotiation